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Do short sales actually sell?

The Realtor Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) of Portland did a breakdown of the entire Portland areas’ short sales, bank owned and regular listings and how they compare. It shows that of those listings, how many actually sold. For short sales this is valuable information. I often have clients ask me how long short sales take […]

Interest Rates Hit Historic Lows…Again!

You know, one day we will look back and think, “why didn’t I care more when interest rates were so insanely low?!” I bet people who purchased in the 80’s who dealt with interest rates around 15% would appreciate our 3.84%! Rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.84 percent with an average 0.8 point for […]

How Much House Should You Buy? 3 Steps To Helping You Plan For Your Future Home.

I’ve noticed a trend the past year with my clients. Many of them are young single people purchasing their first home. I’m so impressed by the amount of twenty-somethings that are making their first purchase without the motivation of marriage and children. Decades ago, you would never see something like that happen. My how things […]

20 Locally Owned Businesses Opened in Portland in April!

Woohoo! So glad to see 20 new locally owned businesses open their doors this past month. A few that I’m really excited for: Salt and Straw: Portland’s farm to cone ice cream shop, as they call themselves. I like to think of myself as a ice cream expert if you will. It’s a bit of […]

Protect Yourself and Your Home and Get Multiple Bids from Roofers Before you Put on Your New Roof!

I tell my clients repeatedly, “please get multiple bids when you go to replace that roof.”  Only to find out that they went with a friend’s husband because they just wanted it to be completed and felt like that was a safe bet.  Wrong!  You will be kicking yourself when your brand new $8000 (that’s […]

Betsy’s Tips and Tricks for Those Little Problems Around the House!

1. Removing wax from candle the base of candlestick or from carpet! If you use candlesticks or some sort of candle holder, you’ve no doubt encountered the globs of wax the pile up after burning your candle. Try pointing a blow-dryer set to low at the wax for about a minute or until the wax […]