A Portland Couples’ Adventure in Architecture and Portlandia

You can't help but notice this home's curved roofline

The back very much reminds me of a spaceship, much like the one that flew out of it in the Portlandia episode

So I was poking around on Pinterest and I found a picture of this house!  This is a unique property in Portland that was featured on IFC’s Portlandia.  I know I just did an article on Portlandia but I swear I’m not obsessed.  When I saw this home in the show I was really intrigued.  It’s not often you see a home like that, especially around here and it was obvious to me that this is an old home remodeled to be this way, which makes it that much more interesting.  So, as I was saying, I see the picture, click the link and I’m taken to this article that tells the whole story of the owners and how this home came to be in it’s present form.  There’s also a handful of awesome interior pictures.  So check it out by clicking here!
By Betsy Ballantyne

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