Betsy’s Tips and Tricks for Those Little Problems Around the House!

1. Removing wax from candle the base of candlestick or from carpet! If you use candlesticks or some sort of candle holder, you’ve no doubt encountered the globs of wax the pile up after burning your candle. Try pointing a blow-dryer set to low at the wax for about a minute or until the wax becomes soft enough for you to peel if off! Have you ever had wax end up on your carpet like I have? Put a cloth over the dried wax and then use an iron (set to low) and iron over the cloth. It will loosen the wax and allow you to pull it off!

2. Getting rid of shower curtain mold. For some reason those water stains on the plastic liner between my curtain and my bath tub really bothers me. Cut the bottom inch or two off the liner with pinking shears. This creates a ridged hem that gives water more places to drip off so mold doesn’t have as much of a chance to grow. And to fight those mold stains, spritz the liner with a solution of 1/4 cup of table salt and 1 pint of water once a week. The sodium prevents mold from forming and breaks down soap scum stains!
3. Got some nicks on your wood furniture? I have yet to try this myself but I’m going to and I hope it works. Word on the street is that if place a damp rag on the spot and run an iron set on steam over it about five times, the heat and moisture will cause the wood fibers to swell and fill in the dent!
4. Do you hate how expensive printer ink is? Me too. I always have mine set to automatically print in black so I don’t needlessly use up the precious color ink. I also learned that setting your font color to gray before printing casual document will definitely help you to save on that blank ink!

5. Dishwasher smelly? Yuck. Squeeze the juice of one lemon and one orange into the liquid detergent compartment. Then run the washer while it’s empty and set it to steam dry. The citric acid from the fruit will neutralize the smell and will make the dishwasher smell sweet for days!

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