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Improving your Local Portland Business District is a great site that combines business owners and neighbors to create local news for Portland.  I often check the site when I’m feeling the need to be inspired about the local happenings in our area.  Today I saw this article on, “How to Improve Your Neighborhood’s Business District.”  Likely you live near some […]

23 Locally Owned Businesses Opened in Portland in January!

I always look forward to this article from Through starting my own business and at times struggling, I have found a great appreciation for other locally owned businesses. Let me tell you something, it’s hard! So, if I can shine a little light on those new businesses in our city, then I will. And […]

New Seasons Market is in the works for N. Williams

The North Portland area around N. Williams and Fremont has seen a lot of change over recent years. With the addition of many new shops, restaurants and bars; the area rivals its neighbor N. Mississippi. So it’s not a surprise to me to see that there are now plans for a 30,000 square foot, $8 […]

16 New Businesses in Portland in December 2011!

I love reading about the new businesses that have opened up in the past month. I think it’s so important to support small local businesses but even more I am inspired by these people. Running my own business I know first hand how difficult it is and I get re-energized reading about other people in […]

Supportland uses reward points card system and applies it to local businesses!

So let’s see. I have a Fred Meyer card, a Safeway card, and a Walgreen’s card. At one point I believe I had a handful more but I never really used them or saw any benefit from them. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a rewards card for local businesses? I just stumbled upon […]

Need your house to be more energy efficient? Here’s a coupon!

As I watch the rain blow sideways today, it makes me think, “Did I ever caulk that one spot on the patio?” It’s always after the bad weather begins that we are acutely aware of any repairs we should have made. Along with providing you with a great article about “9 ways to keep the […]

Small Business Saturday November 26, 2011!

This coming Saturday November, 26th is Small Business Saturday. We’ve already got Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now for the second year Small Business Saturday! So pledge to shop “small” and support your local small business. To see which businesses near you are participating, go here.

Choose a Local Alternative to Toy Store Giants!

Here’s a great list of small local toy stores all around Portland. Many of our local stores have done poorly or closed in this economy. Huge stores like Toys R’ Us are able to slash prices and undercut their small local competitor. So if you are able, checkout one of these great toys store! Go […]