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Portland Home Sales up in 2011!

The Portland Home Sales numbers are in and there were 19,682 Portland-area homes sold in 2011. That is a 4 percent increase compared with 2010, according to the Regional Multiple Listing Service. But the median price for the year fell 7.9 percent, to $221,000. The weight from distressed home sales continue to impact our Portland […]

Portland Housing Stats from November 2011

Next week the numbers for December will be released but before we look at those I wanted to take a minute and look back at what was happening with the Portland area Housing Market in November. This also comes after many articles coming out these first few weeks in January saying that the Housing Market […]

5 Things Portland Home Buyers do That Can Kill a Deal

These days you see endless articles on all the tips and tricks for sellers to get their home sold and what they need to do to appeal to more buyers. ┬áPortland home buyers also need to take heed and be aware of what not to do when trying to buy a house. I can’t tell […]

Portland Seller Tips and Portland Buyer Pet Peeves

This week I’m going to cover the ups and downs, tips and tricks, insider secrets and need-to-knows of real estate this past year for Portland area buyers, sellers, owners and renters. 2011 was a tough year for home sellers in Portland – or at least, for those home sellers who were not in the know […]

Top 3 Real Estate Deal Killers–And How Portland Buyers Can Avoid Them!

Once upon a time, Portland homebuying was a much less dramatic affair then it is today. The house hunt was fun, if suspenseful, and then there was another exciting whirlwind of inspections, closing and moving in. Today, though, as soon as buyers get the gumption to jump off the rent vs. buy fence, they find […]

Banks Make Mistakes and Homeowners Pay For It!

This was in the news a tiny tiny bit a few days ago but I wanted to bring more attention to it. There were many mistakes made on the banks part when people were requesting loan modifications. Apparently many were denied the modifications even when they fit the qualifications that were laid out. The example […]

Home Prices Continue to fall in Portland!

Yikes. According to the most recent Market Action Report, the average sale price in October 2011 fell 6.5% when compared to the same time last year. Although activity is rising! Closed sales went up 14.1% in October 2011 compared to October 2010 and pending sales saw a rise of 15.1%. With low prices that continue […]

How would you score on the Buyer IQ Quiz?

If you are buying or have bought, you should know the answers! It only takes a few minutes. Go here.

Portland Home Stats

I love a good graph on home values or a pie chart on home types. This particular page is pretty cool. If you click on Portland Home values it takes you to another page where you can choose between all the different neighborhoods in Portland and how they compare to one another. Check it out!

Acronyms in Real Estate!

Have you ever noticed all the acronyms that real estate agents have after their names? Ever wondered what those meant? There are so many acronyms used in real estate, either in listings or after agent’s names. I have a few myself but have chosen to not use them after my name because I assume people […]