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4 Things to Consider Before Converting a Basement

Everyone these days wants a big basement! And if it’s not finished they plan to finish it. Some are just hoping to add to the square footage and others are hoping to one day have tenants renting out that space. Which ever it is that you are hoping for, here’s a great article that covers […]

Whether you Rent or Own, Take a Home Inventory!

If you are renting in Portland and don’t have renters insurance, get it. A lot of renters believe (I was one of these) that what they own is for the most part not too valuable except maybe one or two items, so they don’t need to worry about it. But I bet if you go […]

Is your rent hike illegal?

There are so many questions about the ins and outs of the landlord/tenant relationship. Each state has it’s own laws. If you are still renter, make sure you know what is and is not allowed by your landlord or property manager. Here’s a great article about a landlord raising rent after making a roof repair. […]

Rents are Rising…a lot!

Many of the first time buyers I work with, especially recently, express their frustration for the high cost of renting these days. For many it has pushed them to take the necessary steps into purchasing, especially because the rent they are paying now is equal to what they would pay for a mortgage! Rents are […]