Need your house to be more energy efficient? Here’s a coupon!

How would your home score?

As I watch the rain blow sideways today, it makes me think, “Did I ever caulk that one spot on the patio?” It’s always after the bad weather begins that we are acutely aware of any repairs we should have made. Along with providing you with a great article about “9 ways to keep the lid on energy bills,” I also received a 50% off coupon from Amazon to have your home evaluated. The Revival Energy Group will come out and check for possible air leakage, an inefficient HVAC system, or insufficient insulation and they will provide a customized report identifying energy deficiencies and a detailed list of tax-friendly solutions. Not too shabby! Now let me say that I have not personally used that company myself but I would recommend checking them out yourself and possibly checking with other companies to see what they would charge for a similar thing before purchasing. So, here’s that article I mentioned and here’s the coupon. Enjoy!

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