We’ve worked with several real estate agents (who were all great) in the past, but we had our best experience with Betsy. First off, you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving around w/ your agent, so you want someone that’s fun to be around and easy to talk to. Being a longtime resident of Portland, Betsy knows the city/real estate market inside and out. She had tons of knowledge to share with us, but just as importantly, we had a fun time talking about it all.

She helped us through the process of selling an income property, putting the proceeds in a 1031 exchange and using those funds to buy 3 properties. 1031 exchanges are fairly complicated and there’s a very short time frame in which to find properties to spend the exchange funds on, so it is VERY stressful. You’ve heard it’s tough to find a house in the Portland market. How about finding THREE WITHIN 45 DAYS!? This is where we cannot overstate how much we appreciated Betsy’s cool and calm demeanor. She provided great advice in the offer and negotiation processes where/when we needed it. And last but certainly not least, she scheduled everything accordingly so that all three houses closed ON THE SAME DAY (mic drop). Can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Noah & Emma Davis, Homebuyers and Sellers

Going into the adventure of buying my first home I was very overwhelmed. Not so much in the process but with all the things I had to know and quick decisions I had to make during the process. I was referred to Betsy from some past clients who said she was amazing and had helped them with their first home. She was nothing less than amazing to work with during the process. She was very responsive to my many questions and was always keeping an eye on inventory for houses that met my “must haves” and “like to haves.” The other thing I was so impressed with is how well she worked with my mortgage consultant which I discovered is crucial in buying a home. They worked so well together! Their communication and turnaround on paperwork were flawless. I would refer Betsy to anyone looking for a great realtor in the Portland area!

-Cristin Pearson, First time Homebuyer

Betsy is the best! I have now utilized her services three times; first for buying my very first home, second for selling said home, and third for buying my new home jointly with my girlfriend Elise. All experiences along the way have been great. Betsy is on top of it every step of the way and full of great advice for all those little things that can, and most certainly will come up. Head scratching situations turn quickly into sighs of relief through her wealth of knowledge.

Betsy is the sweetest and easiest agent to get along with in all of the land. We will absolutely call her up next time around, but hopefully next time around is a long time from now as she helped get us into our dream home for our current stage of life. Thanks Betsy!

-Adam Payne and Elise Jackman, Homebuyers and Sellers

We have had the pleasure of working with Betsy twice in the last 7 years. As first time home buyers in 2007, Betsy walked us through the process with patience and had answers to all of our questions. She made us think holistically about what we truly wanted and what we were really looking for in our first home. In early 2013 we decided it was time to move into a larger house for our growing family and we immediately called Betsy again. She simultaneously helped us sell our house and buy a new house in our current neighborhood. Betsy’s expertise on where we should invest our time and money to prepare our home for sale was critical and she knew exactly what the market in our neighborhood needed. She successfully sold our home within a few days and helped us get our offer accepted on the house of our dreams! Betsy has helped us get into our starter home, then years later – transition from that home into our forever home. I would recommend Betsy for any home sale or purchase – she is patient, flexible, knowledgable, and will go above and beyond to meet your needs.

-Kacy and Andrew Keippela, Homebuyers and Sellers

Going into the process of buying my first home, I never thought that I would come to rely on another person quite so much but Betsy made it easy to do so. Throughout the home buying process Betsy approached every situation we came across with a sense of humor, serenity and professionalism. She managed to address my fears, find the answers we needed and keep my home purchase on track. As the process was drawn out by seller delays, miscommunication and complications, Betsy stuck by my side, made sure I knew what was going and did everything in her power to move the process forward. Betsy single-handedly pushed my home purchase through and made it possible for me to call myself a homeowner today.

-Molly Walsh, Homebuyer

For us, buying our “forever” home was an emotionally charged and intense process – a process, I’ll admit, we grossly underestimated in terms of the potential for stress and the ups and downs of a volatile real estate market. We were thankful to have Betsy by our side throughout the entire process. Betsy brings not only a high level of expertise to the table but a caring and natural ability to defuse emotional reactions in order to allow for objective decision making. From a servicing stand-point, Betsy is on top of her game. We were out of town for a wedding just a few days before our scheduled closing when Hurricane Irene made things interesting and delayed our return. While away we learned of a discrepancy with some paper work that threatened the closing of our home. Betsy proactively and single-handedly took care of the issue and ensured that our closing went through without a hitch! What could have been a stressful transaction for us turned into what we had hoped for – a seamless closing and a day of celebration.
We wholeheartedly recommend Betsy to anyone in the Portland area who is looking to buy or sell a home. Simply put – Betsy knows her stuff, provides exceptional service and is a blast to work with!

-Anne and Dave Hasenstab, Buyers

I could not have asked for a better experience buying my first home! Betsy made the whole process easy, working around my schedule to schedule home viewings and do paperwork. She took time to get to know my personal tastes and tailored my search to focus on the right homes. She was very low-pressure, taking time to gauge my reaction to a house. It was clear that Betsy really cared about finding the perfect house for me. Betsy was non-judgmental, a good communicator, and has a great sense of humor—an important quality in a realtor, since you are stuck in a car together for hours at a time! She had no problem stopping for a lunch or hydration break. She made the negotiation process as easy for me as possible, and she was able to work out a favorable agreement for me. I have lived in my new home for four months now, and I still love it as much as the first time I saw it. I’m so glad I worked with Betsy and I would recommend her services to anyone.

-Madeline Woods, Buyer

My husband and I thought Betsy would have an easy time with us. We are pretty laid back in general, and we chose to offer on a home after just two short afternoons of viewing. Done deal, right? Not so, of course, and that’s when Betsy showed her true knowledge and capability. We had some big issues to deal with when the home inspection came through, and Betsy was diligent in addressing the issues immediately with the seller. She was straightforward with us (even when it wasn’t always the easiest news to deliver), and she was always sure to give us immediate updates on any developments. Later, due to increasingly strict criteria, we had issues and delays with our preapproved financing. Betsy took it all in stride and was in constant communication with our mortgage broker, looking out for our best interest each step of the way. It was all very frustrating at times, but even when my husband and I became more demanding than usual, Betsy remained extremely focused, professional and kind. I’m used to doing part of the workload myself when I hire someone, but along the way I realized that I didn’t need to do that with Betsy. She attended to every detail and did an excellent job! I highly recommend Betsy to be your next realtor.

-Suzanne and Chris, Buyer

We knew right from the start that we had a very special person handling our sale. The house sold in 38 days. When our buyers asked for a new roof, it was Betsy who called the roofing companies to get the best deal. When a rain-soaked May delayed the project, Betsy was on the phone every week nagging the roofers so we wouldn’t fall through the cracks. When the garage door wouldn’t work, Betsy and her fiance fixed it for us, and then painted the wall where the roofers stained it with water. We’ve yet to meet another agent who will go that far above and beyond. Betsy is truly dedicated to her job and she’s very good at it. If she treats everyone the way she treated us, then anyone would be fortunate indeed to have her as an agent. She’s one of the best.

-Doreen and Bill, Seller

I highly recommend Betsy. I was referred to her after a previous real estate agent was unwilling to work with me. She showed a level of professionalism that I had not experienced with the prior Realtor. Betsy always made herself available and is very helpful. She really went above and beyond by recommending local businesses and services to further help in the process of buying a home. She was quick to respond, and when it comes to making an offer, that is a very important quality that you want in a realtor. Working with Betsy was a pleasant experience and it is obvious that she is passionate about what she does.

-Bryan, Buyer

Betsy helped us sell our house in a tough market. She took the time to help us understand the process of selling our house, and walked us through the necessary steps to get the best results. With Betsy’s help we sold our house in less than a week and still saw a return on our investment. I would highly recommend Betsy if you need to buy or sell your home.

-Deborah, Seller

“Betsy was a wonderful agent! She worked hard to help me find the perfect condo! I recommend her with no reservations.”

-Robin, Buyer

“I could not have asked for a better guide through my first home buying experience. I never felt overwhelmed or at a loss at any point in the process thanks to Betsy and her expertise and professionalism”

-Nate Baker, Buyer

“Betsy’s attention to all the details coupled with her enthusiasm and care for her clients make her an excellent real estate agent whether you’re selling your home or looking for a new home to buy. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be happy to have worked with her.”

-Carol Flanagan, Northwest Mortgage Group, Inc., Mortgage Consultant
Licensed in the state of Oregon