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Five Big Banks agreed to a Deal. Is it enough?

Likely many of you have heard about the deal reached last week between the Governement and the five largest banks. President Barack Obama made a speech last Thursday where he spoke about the housing crisis and his new settlement that will “speed relief to the hardest hit homeowners and some of the most abusive practices […]

23 Locally Owned Businesses Opened in Portland in January!

I always look forward to this article from Through starting my own business and at times struggling, I have found a great appreciation for other locally owned businesses. Let me tell you something, it’s hard! So, if I can shine a little light on those new businesses in our city, then I will. And […]

Beat the Competition and Get that Portland Foreclosure!

While bank-owned homes are plentiful in Portland, they aren’t always easy for a buyer to get. Foreclosures sell at bargain prices — sometimes at 35 percent discounts when compared to nonforeclosures. These ultra-low prices are attracting investors and all-cash offers, which makes it difficult for other buyers’ bids to win out. Here’s how Portland buyers […]

Irvington Neighborhood Home Tour in May!

The 2012 Irvington Home Tour on May 20 will feature a tour of seven houses in this historic Northeast Portland neighborhood. Few city neighborhoods in the West have the variety and quality of early 20th Century residential architecture to equal Portland’s historic Irvington Neighborhood. Irvington has been designated a National Register listed Historic District. The […]

Interest Rates Tick Downward..Again!

I feel like I’m blogging this same thing over and over. But I’m guessing you would want to know if rates are going down, even if it means I’m a broken record! Mortgage rates once again inched lower this past week, lowering the cost of borrowing and increasing housing affordability.    

Coming Up: East Portland Home Ownership Forum

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 15th! Rose Community Development is bringing their second East Portland Homeownership Forum to David Douglas High School from 6 – 8:30pm. They will be drawing more finalists for the $4,000 downpayment grant, sharing information for first-time homebuyers and more. This forum is free and open to the public! 503-788-8052 […]

Coolest Map Ever

I found the coolest interactive map today. This map shows where house hunters are searching in the country. The map features 100 US metro cities. When you click on one of the cities, the map shows you the top ten other cities that people are searching from. So for example when you click on Seattle, […]

Questions to Ask before Buying a Foreclosure in Portland!

You know that whole saying, “If it seems too good to be true than it probably is.”  Well that is definitely applicable to foreclosures, particularly ones that have been abandoned.  I often encounter new buyers who are excited about the prospect of buying a foreclosure because of the great price they may get.   And […]