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Supportland uses reward points card system and applies it to local businesses!

So let’s see. I have a Fred Meyer card, a Safeway card, and a Walgreen’s card. At one point I believe I had a handful more but I never really used them or saw any benefit from them. But wouldn’t it be cool to have a rewards card for local businesses? I just stumbled upon […]

10 most expensive College Real Estate Markets and 10 Cheapest Markets!

In the past I was surprised by a few clients that I had gotten who wanted to purchase a home for their child to live in while attending college. It’s a pretty good idea when you consider the low prices and interest rates because even after the student graduates, that home that is located near […]

Death of a Strip Mall

You’ve all seen the empty stores in strip malls. More and more these have become common place since the real estate crisis and mortgage collapse. Here’s an interesting article that talks about how the push for the future will be back towards city living and walkability. They even mention Portland as a city with, “great […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year Danielle Spencer hosts a “Turkey-shaped Jell-O® mold competition” in New York City. And the entries are awesome! Cassandra C. Jones was this year’s First Place Grand Prize Tropy Winner with her “Homemade Hostess Holiday.” My personal favorite was the “Turkey Madoff.” To see the rest of the entries, go here!

Need your house to be more energy efficient? Here’s a coupon!

As I watch the rain blow sideways today, it makes me think, “Did I ever caulk that one spot on the patio?” It’s always after the bad weather begins that we are acutely aware of any repairs we should have made. Along with providing you with a great article about “9 ways to keep the […]

Small Business Saturday November 26, 2011!

This coming Saturday November, 26th is Small Business Saturday. We’ve already got Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now for the second year Small Business Saturday! So pledge to shop “small” and support your local small business. To see which businesses near you are participating, go here.

Top 10 Portland Home Styles

Bungalo– In my experience, this type of home is the most liked and desired among buyers. Bungalos often have low-pitched, side-gabled roofs, widely extended and supported by brackets, banks of casement windows, and huge covered porches that extend across the entire front of the house. These homes are generally 1.5-2 stories high, and usually come […]

Banks Make Mistakes and Homeowners Pay For It!

This was in the news a tiny tiny bit a few days ago but I wanted to bring more attention to it. There were many mistakes made on the banks part when people were requesting loan modifications. Apparently many were denied the modifications even when they fit the qualifications that were laid out. The example […]

Home Prices Continue to fall in Portland!

Yikes. According to the most recent Market Action Report, the average sale price in October 2011 fell 6.5% when compared to the same time last year. Although activity is rising! Closed sales went up 14.1% in October 2011 compared to October 2010 and pending sales saw a rise of 15.1%. With low prices that continue […]

How to Choose a Mortgage Person

Buyers always ask me how they should choose a lender/broker. It is so important that the team of people you work with while buying a home is one you can count on and one that does their best for you. This article from Trulia explains it well. One thing it doesn’t mention that I want […]