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Free Home Repairs for Those in Need!

With the combination of cold weather and lots of rain, this time of year reminds me of that list of repairs I said I would complete last year! Like most of you, I try to prioritize based on what needs to be done the soonest, how much $$ I have to do it and the […]

Choose a Local Alternative to Toy Store Giants!

Here’s a great list of small local toy stores all around Portland. Many of our local stores have done poorly or closed in this economy. Huge stores like Toys R’ Us are able to slash prices and undercut their small local competitor. So if you are able, checkout one of these great toys store! Go […]

It must be time for the Weekend!

Does For Sale by Owner Sell Faster? states, “According to the National Association of Realtors, for sale by owner sellers not only sell faster, but they usually get closer to their asking price.” Misleading? Yes. They do sell faster but that is because they are severely under priced. And they do sell closer to their asking price as well but again […]

The End is Near?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the study “forecasts U.S. home prices will finally start to turn around by early next year. It forecasts home prices in 384 U.S. metro areas will rise by an average of 2.7% between the first quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, with 95% of those metro […]

What is in a Mortgage Payment?

I love it when I find a great graphic! This one shows what makes up a mortgage payment. I’m always searching for an easy way to explain different parts of the process of home buying and selling. It’s tricky because I want to make sure my clients have all the info they need but at […]

Is your rent hike illegal?

There are so many questions about the ins and outs of the landlord/tenant relationship. Each state has it’s own laws. If you are still renter, make sure you know what is and is not allowed by your landlord or property manager. Here’s a great article about a landlord raising rent after making a roof repair. […]

How would you score on the Buyer IQ Quiz?

If you are buying or have bought, you should know the answers! It only takes a few minutes. Go here.

New Portland Program to Strengthen 155 Small Businesses!

Some much needed assistance is on the way to 155 small businesses in North, NE and East Portland. The Portland Development Commission and 5 local non profits have come together to form the Small Businesss Development Program. The object is to strengthen and assist local companies with a variety of services. Some of these services […]

Portland School Ratings

Questions about Portland area schools come up a lot when I’m working with buyers. Either they are planning for their future family or have children nearing school age and want their home purchase to be near their child’s new school. Years ago there were few if any good resources on all the different schools and […]