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8 Tasks For Every Home Buyer or Seller Considering a Move in 2013

Thinking about buying or selling a home this year? Congrats! Below are seven tasks you can accomplish now that will help your chances of home buying or selling in 2013! 1. Handle your credit issues. Maybe you don’t have any credit issues or at least you think you don’t. So this is the time to […]

Protect Yourself and Your Home and Get Multiple Bids from Roofers Before you Put on Your New Roof!

I tell my clients repeatedly, “please get multiple bids when you go to replace that roof.”  Only to find out that they went with a friend’s husband because they just wanted it to be completed and felt like that was a safe bet.  Wrong!  You will be kicking yourself when your brand new $8000 (that’s […]

Easy Fix for Squeaky Floors!

Our squeaky floor in our kitchen has been driving me nuts lately! I noticed it the most when we had a house guest and I was trying to be quiet in the morning as I was making breakfast and the guest was still sleeping. But I failed miserably because almost every step I take in […]

Sewer Monsters and the Importance of Sewer Scopes!

Unless you already own a home you probably don’t often think about the sewer lines that carry the “waste” from where you live to the sewer lines in the street. Any time you buy a house you need to have those lines inspected. It’s not required but strongly recommended. Sometimes the repair is minor or […]

Portland Fix it Fair in Portsmouth Neighborhood Jan. 21, 2012! Check it out!

by Betsy Ballantyne

Need your house to be more energy efficient? Here’s a coupon!

As I watch the rain blow sideways today, it makes me think, “Did I ever caulk that one spot on the patio?” It’s always after the bad weather begins that we are acutely aware of any repairs we should have made. Along with providing you with a great article about “9 ways to keep the […]

Free Home Repairs for Those in Need!

With the combination of cold weather and lots of rain, this time of year reminds me of that list of repairs I said I would complete last year! Like most of you, I try to prioritize based on what needs to be done the soonest, how much $$ I have to do it and the […]