Improving your Local Portland Business District is a great site that combines business owners and neighbors to create local news for Portland.  I often check the site when I’m feeling the need to be inspired about the local happenings in our area.  Today I saw this article on, “How to Improve Your Neighborhood’s Business District.”  Likely you live near some business district as there are many in Portland.  And like you I get disturbed when I see a “going out of business” sign or empty storefronts.  My neighborhood of Kenton has done a great job over the past few years of revitalizing it’s business district.  The Kenton Business Association has worked hard to get the neighborhood involved and to reach out into the community to get the needed funds to do the updating that the storefronts and street needed. And speaking of Kenton, if you live nearby or even if you don’t, check out the Kenton Street Fair May 20th, 2012!

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