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Interest Rates Hit New Historic Lows….Again!

It was just about a month ago when Mortgage interest rates hit their lowest percentages ever. And now it’s happening again! Mortgage rates for mortgages fell this week, with the current average rate borrowers were quoted at 3.71 percent, down from 3.73 percent at this same time last week. And in Portland it’s even better! The […]

Portland Fix it Fair in Portsmouth Neighborhood Jan. 21, 2012! Check it out!

by Betsy Ballantyne

Portland Housing Stats from November 2011

Next week the numbers for December will be released but before we look at those I wanted to take a minute and look back at what was happening with the Portland area Housing Market in November. This also comes after many articles coming out these first few weeks in January saying that the Housing Market […]

16 New Businesses in Portland in December 2011!

I love reading about the new businesses that have opened up in the past month. I think it’s so important to support small local businesses but even more I am inspired by these people. Running my own business I know first hand how difficult it is and I get re-energized reading about other people in […]

Portland General Electric on Effectiveness of Clothes Machine Washing w/ Cold vs. Hot Water

Here’s another great video from our very own Portland General Electric.  I was surprised to  find out that washing your clothes in hot water is almost always as effective as washing in cold water.  The only time hot water is necessary is with wine stains! But are clothes getting clean clean?  Like getting rid of […]

Buying a Foreclosure in Portland? Things every Buyer should Know!

Are you looking to buy a home in Portland? Curious about buying a foreclosure in Portland? In a December survey, Trulia found that 49 percent of Americans were at least somewhat likely to consider buying a foreclosure, up from 45 percent in May 2010. But the number of US adults who believed there are disadvantages […]

4 Ways Portland Sellers and Buyers can avoid Surprises at the Closing Table

I used to pass a mortgage company billboard on the freeway every day that read: “Surprises are for birthday parties.” (Implied: surprises are usually unpleasant when they arise in the context of real estate transactions.) The worst case scenario that looms large in the minds of buyers, refinancers and sellers alike is that they’ll get […]

5 Things Portland Home Buyers do That Can Kill a Deal

These days you see endless articles on all the tips and tricks for sellers to get their home sold and what they need to do to appeal to more buyers.  Portland home buyers also need to take heed and be aware of what not to do when trying to buy a house. I can’t tell […]

Which is more Efficient & Cheaper, Hand Washing or Dishwasher?

If you live in Portland and Portland General Electric provides your electricity, like me you receive a little handout in the mail with your bill. I rarely look at these but when I do I have found that PGE does a good job of providing it’s Portland consumers with tips to being more efficient. For […]

Portland Seller Tips and Portland Buyer Pet Peeves

This week I’m going to cover the ups and downs, tips and tricks, insider secrets and need-to-knows of real estate this past year for Portland area buyers, sellers, owners and renters. 2011 was a tough year for home sellers in Portland – or at least, for those home sellers who were not in the know […]