Portlandia, a Place I’m Proud to Call Home.

One of my favorite Portlandia clips

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a show called Portlandia on IFC staring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. It’s a sketch comedy show about all the things that make Portland special. It covers everything from our affinity with organic everything to our love/hate with recycling and of course highlighting our many tattooed hipsters. It’s always fun to watch the show to see where they go. The show makes a point of displaying the address of every home they use and utilizing many small businesses around the city for their sketches. You can’t help but yell out during the show, “my house is like two blocks away from where they are!!”

So is Portland like Portlandia? Yes. Yes it is. But like any city there is more to it than what the tv show highlights. As this blog said, “Portland is simultaneously weird and wired. We’re home to Intel, Nike, Columbia Sportswear, Jive Software, Powell’s Books, and Stumptown Coffee. Many of the major iPhone apps get developed in Portland, including ones for Starbucks and Obama. More people are wired and connected here, and technology companies like Google often test market their wares here before rolling them out to the rest of the country.” In addition to that, there are more than just twenty somethings and thirty somethings that occupy this city. Many people would agree that Portland is a great place to raise a family and to settle down. I have many friends who move away but then return when they are ready to settle and buy a home.

Portland is a city that can laugh at itself and at the same time it’s a beautiful place to live. I love working and selling homes in this city and it’s because Portland offers a little something for everyone. And once you find that home and explore the areas around it, you really learn to appreciate the small businesses around here, the abundant amount of parks within walking distance of every home and being part of a community that really loves where they are. Those of us who call Portland home are proud to do so.

by Betsy Ballantyne

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